Policy Servicing and Alteration

To reinforce better and high-qualified services, the following policy change form is provided for policy alteration.

Type of Alteration

*Please DO NOT submit this change form by email.

Application for Policy Reprint*

Beneficiary Change Form

Contact / Personal Details Change Form

Payment Method Change Form*

Policy Benefit Option Change Form

Reinstatement/ Policy Coverage Change Form

Policy Ownership Change Form*

Policy Value Withdrawal Form

Self-Certification Form - Individual

Self-Certification Form - Controlling Person

Self-Certification Form - Entity

We are here to provide you with any assistance to make your completion process at ease. Please complete the request form, together with necessary documents (if applicable), and choose any one of the most convenient options available to you below to submit the documents.

Mail: P.O. Box 69464, Kwun Tong Post Office, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fax: 8101 3977
Email: pacontact.hk@fwd.com